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Maldon Choral collects and stores contact details and some financial information about members and others involved with the choir. This policy is to ensure that we do so in a safe way and that we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation as is required by law. 

The choir collects and stores only relevant data for the purposes of 

  • keeping members and other interested people informed about rehearsals, concerts, news, social events and other items of interest.

  • recording payment of subscriptions.

  • publishing members’ names on concert programmes.

On occasion, photographs are taken and stored and may be displayed, all with the individual’s permission. Each new member shall be asked to give permission when they join the choir.

The committee is responsible for data security and any queries may be directed to them. 

  • Members are asked to sign a consent form every year before their data is collected or stored.

  • The committee ensures that all information is up to date.

  • Electronic data is stored in password-protected files.

  • Physical data is stored securely.

  • No personal data is shared with outside bodies.

  • All choir emails are sent BCC.

  • No details will be shared with other members outside the committee without the member’s specific consent. 

  • If data storage devices are lost, stolen or disposed of unsafely, all members will be informed and asked to change their details as far as possible. Every effort will be made to avoid this happening.

  • The committee will review all stored data every year, once signed membership forms have been received. Data stored will include that in physical form, on committee members’ computers, and in third party (“cloud”) services.

  • Out of date data will be removed securely.

  • In cases where there is a statutory requirement to retain data (e.g. for Gift Aid or in accounting and bank records or in the minutes of committee and trustee meetings or for tax and insurance), this requirement will be respected and security ensured. 

  • Members present should be informed before any photographs are taken, and given the option not to be included.

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