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Introduction and Scope

Maldon Choral is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all those involved in the activities it organises and is informed by the Health and Safety at Work Act and Regulations.

  • This includes but is not limited to; members, staff (including freelance), volunteers and members of the public.

  • This includes but is not limited to; rehearsals, performances and fundraising events. 



Overall responsibility for health and safety sits with the Committee of Maldon Choral 


Statements of general policy

Maldon Choral will seek to prevent accidents and cases of ill-health by managing the health and safety at events and activities it organises. 

A Health and Safety Officer will be appointed to make sure that all venues visited by the choir are safe in relation to fire and general safety and that a first aid kit is available. It is not necessary for this person to be on the committee.

Relevant risk assessments shall be completed for events and activities. Where regular venues are used the risk assessment will be reviewed by the committee on an annual basis or sooner if required. In particular the risk assessments shall cover manual handling (particularly of staging) and slips and trips. Appropriate instruction shall be provided. Volunteers should self-select as capable to undertake these tasks and be advised to read the risk assessment.

Maldon Choral will provide clear instructions to ensure that all those connected with the choir are able to do their work in a healthy and safe manner.

Members are encouraged to stay away from rehearsals if they are unwell. 

The Committee will review health and safety policy annually and ensure the most recent policy is published on the website. Section reps must know the choir’s health and safety policies and procedures. 

Members, volunteers and self-employed contactors to be reminded at the AGM about the health and safety risk assessment and directed to the website, where it is displayed. 

Any concerns about health and safety should be addressed to the committee, who will investigate the complaint and take appropriate action. 

Maldon Choral will implement emergency procedures – evacuation in case of fire or other significant incident, where required.

The health and safety officer is responsible for knowing fire procedures for hired venues and for communicating them to those present.

Maldon Choral will maintain safe conditions for the safe storage of equipment. 

See separate risk assessments for performances and rehearsals.


First Aid

The Health and Safety Officer will ensure they are aware of First Aid procedures, kits and equipment at hired venues. 

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