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Membership is open to adults over the age of 18 who have some musical experience, have been accepted by the committee and who pay their subscriptions regularly, and on time. Prospective members may attend a preliminary rehearsal to confirm their interest.

In order to sing in any concert, members must have attended at least 70% of rehearsals and undertake work at home learning the music. Acceptance to sing at a concert is at the discretion of the Musical Director. 

New members will be accepted to join the choir 4 times a year when rehearsals for the next concert begin, and will pay the appropriate subscriptions for the remainder of the financial year.  Once rehearsals are under way, no further new members will be accepted. The expectation is that members will be committed to the group and take part in all the concerts of the year. MC does not allow members to pick and choose the concerts but it is accepted that from time to time participating in a concert is not always possible where there is another important commitment.

Subscriptions – The singing year is split into 2 halves – November and Christmas concerts, and March and July concerts. Subscriptions can be paid in full or in two amounts (Sept and Jan). Even where a member cannot make a concert, they will still pay the full subscription. The exception to this will be if a member misses 2 concerts in the same half of the singing year. In this case it is accepted that members can pay only half of the annual subscription.

The choir does not accept temporary members, with the exception of ‘bumps’ on the day of the concert or a very specific large concert needing additional numbers.

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